5 Great Compact Designs


What is ‘Compact’ Design?

Compact as an adjective word it has following definition

ahaving a dense structure or parts or units closely packed or joined
bnot diffuse or verbose
coccupying a small volume by reason of efficient use of space
dshort-bodied, solid, and without excess flesh

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Actually compact design things are everywhere.Following there are five popular compact things

  1. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo switch develop code was 'Next", it changing everyone's understanding of console in the home
    Nintendo switch develop code was ‘Next”, it changing everyone’s understanding of home video game console

    Nintendo Switch(NS) is the No.1 The Top 10 Gadgets of 2017.

Precisely Nintendo Switch is not a just a general design, It is so unique that you can not find the 2nd same design game console in this world.
It carries Nintendo’s future directions.

For about as long as game consoles have existed, players have had to choose between gaming in front of a TV or holding a tiny screen in their hands while out and about. Not so with the Nintendo Switch, the first console that’s truly designed for both at-home and on-the-go entertainment. The Switch consists of a tablet with a 6.2-inch screen with slots for attaching Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers on either side, turning it into a handheld video game machine. But when you’re at home, you can slide the slate into a dock that hooks up to your TV and play it like a traditional console. That “play anywhere, anytime” approach, combined with a stellar games roster, from the recently launched Super Mario Odyssey to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, makes the Switch a true knockout.
-Time Magazine

Obviously, the main innovation of NS is the integration of the display, so that players can play the game without being in front of the TV.
That is a compact design, that’s see how it compact.

Compact design saves player’s many works on preparing gaming. They can play it whenever and wherever.

Will there be more of the same compact design in the future, we don’t know yet but Nintendo breaks with the traditions, which makes it alive when compete with stronger competitors Sony(Playstation) and Microsoft(Xbox).


2.Instant Camera

Instant cameras and film is a very unique existence.
As we all know, DC(Digital Camera) has already disappeared from market, because of the impact comes from smartphones.
But instant camera not, and the magic is that it is still updated every year, and different companies release new products.

instax mini Evo is the 2021 new instant camera product of FujiFilm
Polaroid and Fujifilm are the two main players in the instant camera market
Polaroid and Fujifilm are the two main players in the instant camera market
instant camera don’t require people go to the Film Processing store or the darkroom to get photos.

If you want to create a photo wall, an Instant Camera is probably the fastest way to do it.Simple,point-and-shoot, get a real photo-that’s the charm of instant photography!


Laptop is probably the most successful compact design product in the world.
It is so successful and popular, so as in today 2021 you may forget what a PC beginning is.
According to statistics, a total of 297 million computers were sold in 2020, including 235.1 million laptops and 61.9 million desktops.

desktop and laptop is the main two forms of PC
desktop and laptop are the main two forms of PC

Do you remember the what the very beginning PC looks like?

PC manufacturers around the world, for example Dell, Lenovo, HP launched new every year.The laptop is already become a very important form of the PC.

Laptop collect all related equipment of a conventional desktop PC

4.Portable Screen cleaner

 If you think compact design can only be found in electronics, this little thing will prove  you wrong.

the screen is more important than arm, how can it become dirty?

There are just 3 step clean the screen

  1. Take out it
  2. Press the sprayer button on top
  3. Move back and forth to cleanThe whole process takes about 20 seconds. It is unbelievable simple and quickly.
    You can finish clean in 20 seconds.
Portable Screen cleaner combines the clean liquid and cloth. So it is easy to carry and use.
Portable Screen cleaner combines the clean liquid and cloth. So it is easy to carry and use.

5.Hotel Lock Pro

compact design hotel use door lock
the world’s first compact design hotel use door lock-KAHN Hotel Lock Pro(model C5)

As long as the hotel locks have existed, it requires a door hanger to remind privacy or make up room.

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro broke this rule. It combines the lock function and hotel needs privacy and make up room electronic indicators.

Smaller size-compare with the conventional solution-electronic door plate, the hotel lock pro is much more smaller due to it only contains the core parts.

Hotel Lock Pro integrated related using requirements in one unit
Hotel Lock Pro integrated related using requirements in one unit


What the compact design solved?

From the above five things you can see that compact has certain characteristics in common.

*Improve efficiency-For example the instant camera don’t need you waiting a couple of days for the digital photo printing machine works. You can get photos immediately.

*Cost Reduction-Purchasing cost and maintenance costs are lower. For example the Hotel lock Pro does not require purchasing and install the hotel doorbell system but offer the core functions of that.

*Easy to use-People will use it in higher frequency. The NS, laptop and screen cleaner are win in small size. People can take it anywhere so as to use it anywhere.


Compact things include the wisdom

Overall the compact things include the wisdom.People loves little thing but big idea.
In the 21st century, a lot of things haven’t changed for a long time, but they can actually become better.
Even if no one is doing it now, someone will do in future.

And what else is compact in your life?


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