Hotel key card system how it works?


Hotel key card system how it works? Let me show you the whole working process.

Basically, the working process is made up of 5 steps.

Hotel key card system how it works steps

1.Present the hotel room key.
Hotel door lock will normally keep on standby mode when there is no body use.
The standby mode is a power saving mode that helps the lock running in a low power consume way.
Only when the hotel room key is presented to the lock, it will go into actively working status.

This step should be done manually.

2.Verify the key
Hotel door lock has a CPU(MCU) inside its mainboard.
When CPU get the data info of the key from the lock electronic circuit, it will check the data correct or not.

For hotel use door lock there are 3 layer verify.

-First layer is system match or not.
In this layer the key will be check if the same systems of the hotels.
There are many types and encrypted room key cards. This verify is a very basic layer processing.

-Second layer is room number match or not.
In case the first layer verify approved, that means the key is match the hotel lock’s system encryption. Then the key must be checked its room ID match the locks or not.

-Third layer is key’s expiry time.
Almost all hotel room key have a validity. It has a beging time and end time.
This is the last layer verifying. If key still in validity it will pass the verifying and goes to next step.

3.Clutch Motor acting
Once upon the key was verified correct, the CPU will give a command that act the motor inside the clutch.
The clutch will engage the hotel door locks lever handle. And at the same time the lock will give a beep and key valid indicator light, to let human knows key read success and valid.

4.Manually open
User press the hotel door lock’s lever handle, the lock latch will be drived.

5.Clutch motor acting reversely

The motor will act again in reverse direction, to release the engage.
Then the lever handle will not be able drive the lock latch.
That’s why the lever handle will not working anymore a little while after open the door.


Hotel key card system work principle

how do hotel locks works

Hotel Lock Pro is new blood Hotel key card system

The above are all about conventional hotel door locks single function- room card function.In 2018 KAHN Hotel Lock Pro provide brand new functions except the room card functions.

KAHN is the Next GEN Hotel door lock Brand.

Professional Hotel Door Lock


  1. I like what you said about standby mode and how it keeps the lock running in a low-power consuming way. Installing card key systems is a great way to maintain security, not just in hotels. If I were to need such systems installed, I would spend time locating a reputable service to secure my facility.

    • The hotel is a very early field that uses RFID since 2005.
      Now in the worldwide RFID Access control become popular.
      Compare with the normal key, the RFID Key is easy manage, cheap price and ease-replace the previous key, that’s why the trend RFID now replacing the normal keys in more field such as office, school,government,besides hotels.


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