7 Flaws of Doorbell System You Should Know


The Doorbell System is normally used in the hotels.
Its disadvantages are covered up by its various cool features in manufacturer’s advertisement.
This post we want to analysis its disadvantages.
No body will tell you these disadvantages untill you complete purchasing.

Doorbell System Flaws-1.High cost

If you think the cost is just purchasing hotel doorbell system’s hardware, you will find you are wrong when you get it.
Various cost coming at the moment when you facing the installation of it. The new and extra cost includes the accessories purchasing and labor costs.

To full equip the hotel doorbell system you have to purchase the DC 5-12V power supply. The wires connecting from touch panel from energy saving switch, bell and outdoor touch panel.
Labor of drilling on wall is necessary, this is a rough job.
The professional electrical engineers working on wiring and test it should be considered. Because a experienced engineer can ensure the smooth completion of wiring and commissioning.
Wires are cost based on length, drilling on wall and wiring are cost based on working time. The charge for electrical engineers is also calculated on working days.
During the installation the hotel rooms have to stop renting, which is also a kind of cost.The longer time installation takes, the higher the cost.

Doorbell System Flaws-2.Complex installation

The installation of Hotel electronic doorplate is really an immense task.
The amount of work to install hotel doorbell system is not less than install the common 220V plug socket switches in the room.
Drilling on wall-Every room’s wall inside and outside have to be drilled the proper size holes in correct positions, so that the indoor and outdoor hotel doorbell touch panel could be fixed firmly on wall and operated in the correct position on wall.
Wiring- The wall must be drilled grooves to put in wires of panel.Usually panel requires link 4-8 wires such as various function signal, power.The more wires required for more functions panels.
Power supply- Hotel doorbell system’s panel could not directly powered by AC 220V. Usuall it support only DC5-12V, which means you should prepare extra AC to DC power supply for them.

wiring of electronic doorplateThe electronic doorplate requires connect to energy saving switch.

Doorbell System Flaws-3. Junction box is an issue

Indoor panel and outdoor panel could not directly been fixed in the holes drilled on wall. There should be a box firstly put into the wall, and then panel fixing to the box. This box is usually called junction box.
install the electronic doorplate
However the all market sales hotel doorbell system panels seems are made in China. Its back case size was designed to fit for the Chinese standard Square shape in 86x86mm. The junction box in different region are little different such as japan’s size, european size. So you have to purchase the junction box also, together with the panels.

different size junction box
The bigger problem is that the china’s junction box is bigger than any other country’s. Your workers should drill bigger size holes than the usual size they did before.

Doorbell System Flaws-4.Decoration style

There are many different decoration styles of hotels in this world. The decoration styles depends on the position of hotel level. However also there are many style of doorbell system panels. You have to make a choice during so many different decorated styles, including different materials, different shape, different surface treatment,Even you have to make choice of the color and room number font style!!
Hotel Doorbell System Disadvantages

The more you choose, the harder it is to choose. It is so hard for you to choose a best one because you have too many choice.

Doorbell System Flaws-5.High maintenance cost

Such a complex system includes so many appliances, the chances of the unexpected issues are highly happens.All the elements are likely to go wrong, after a long period of use such as the poor contact, the wire broken, the power supply defect, the lighten LED defect etc. And once upon there is one or two malfunction, you are nearly not get a same one from the vendor because they are customized products, you have to buy at least 10pcs!This is China factory’s rule!

Doorbell System Flaws-6.Scarcely possible for old hotels.

New construction hotels could pre-set the position and holes for the all hotel doorbell system appliances but the old not.
If an old hotel want to install it, they must stop business for a long time to do such a big working.

Doorbell System Flaws-7.Once the blackout system is completely paralyzed

The doorbell system will not working at all while AC power cut off by accident. People can not use it anymore. This is a major flaw.

To sum up, there are many hotels that have not chosen it, They prefer still use the simple and effective way-knocking the door and use the door hangers.

But in 2018, these hotels have a new choice- KAHN hotel lock Pro, which integrated the doorbell system to the lock!

KAHN C5 3in1 functions


KAHN Hotel Lock Pro C5





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