What is Hotel Door Lock System?


Hotel Door Lock System is one of the most important systems in the hotel.
It is made up of ‘Lock’ and ‘System’.

Hotel Door Lock System Components

Lock-The guest room entry door locks.
This is s a electronic door lock, uses Magstrip tech or RFID tech.
Hotel door lock is in the center position of the system. Everything in this system is based on the lock.

System-The all essential components except the lock.
Such as  the keys of the locks.The system works around this key.
For instance, the key should be programmed by a device known as ‘programmer’ or ‘card encoder’.
The hotel lock software runs in a PC and provide details programmming to the key via card encoder.

hotel lock system Components


KAHN System Components

Take KAHN system as example, KAHN is also made up of 2 parts.

KAHN Hotel access control

The lock-
As the NEXT GEN hotel door lock,KAHN C5 uses the latest technology and offers innovation experiences for customers.

KAHN System contains the above all basic components such as card encoder, software and energy saving switch.
Additionally KAHN System added more modules such as Elevator access control module and common doors access control in system.

Elevator access control-
Hotel customer can access to the floor by tap the room key to reader of elevator KAHN System. It rise up the hotel’s security level.

Common doors access control-
Many hotel provide not only rooms but also public areas such as GYM, swimming pool etc. The outsider will not able access to these area without valid key of room.

The handing device-
In KAHN System it is known as PED(Portable Encoding Device).
PED in KAHN System provide the powerfull management of manage the all KAHN door locks.
And it can verify all keys in KAHN System.

Generally KAHN provide the complete solution for hotel access control needs, including guest rooms, elevator button access, common doors access controls, room’s energy controls.





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