How to fit a Strike Plate of hotel lock?


Strike plate is actually another half of a door lockset.
It is almost be forgotten due to is so small and simple.

What is a strike plate  (Door Strike)?

Strike plate is a piece of metal(SUS)plate, installed into or onto a door fram e to “catch”(engage) the lock’s latch or bolt to keep the door closed.

above types are very usual use in asia and america. In europe there are models different strike plate,which are another big family.

ANSI-The American National Standards Institute

Why there are so many different SPEC strike plates?
Because there are many different styles latch and bolt

Latch-a small tongue can hit the strike plate when closing door. it normlly drived  by a lever handle of lockset.
Deadbolt-a oval or square column,it must be retracted manually when closing the door.

bolt and latch appearances

As you seen there are many different strike plates, due to there are many different lock bolt and latch.

Strike plate in europe are nomrally long and narrow


Hotel lock Strike plate

Hotel lock mostly follow the ANSI rules.
It include both the latch and bolt in one lockbody.
So the strike plate in hotel lock is usually like follows.

hotel lock (ANSI standard )use strike plate is normally looks like this (except euro models)

1. Figure out directions

The strike plate can be used to both RH/RHR or LH/LHR.

Generally, the curved part on strike plate must on the route of door swing radius.So it can reduce the impact of the latch when closing the door.

adjust the direction of strike plate to make it fit for LH or RH (LHR and RHR)

2. Draw the contour lines on door frame.

The strike plate is another half of the lockset.  It service for the lock latch. So there must be a lock and latch existing on door. It is suggested do after lock installed completed.

Push and pull the door by dragging the lever of hotel lock
Then, there is a mark on the active route, on the door frame.

The normal type hotel lock,deadbolt is under the latch. About 70% otel door lock are like this.

In recent 5 years, more new hotel locks uses a inverted design on lockcase.Its deadbolt is on above of the latch. for example KAHN C5.
The following operating here we use KAHN C5 as an example installation.

When scribe the area you don’t have to do it very precise and detailed.The first scribe target is the outline.
Just make sure it is a little bigger than strike plate itself.

3. Chiseling

Prepare a 1 inch (25mm) wide blade wood chisel.This is the most usual model in wood chisel.

You could buy it in store very easily.

A smart way is split the big piece to smaller pieces.

When you complete this step, the strike plate is accurately located.
Put the strike plate into groove to try if size enough.

4. Drilling

When you reach this step, you should make it looks like below picture.the latchbolt and deadbolt position is clearly.(Use a knife if the pencil is not enough to mark clearly)

spade drill bit (flat wood bit) is the most common and easy tools you can buy from most hardware stores

You need a spade drill bit

attach the drill bit to electronic driller

Get the electronic drill ready and fit the bit properly.

The drill is a rough work and you don’t have to be very precise. Just leave the screws area alone.

Drilling and trimming till the groove is long and wide enough.
Some hotel lock package include a item called ‘dust bucket’. It is locate under the strike plate.

If your hotel lock package doesn’t contain this item, you don’t have to install it.  Skip the following steps and go to the last step. 


5. Trimming

To put in the dust bucket you should make the groove enough in length, width and depth.
You may need to trim and try again and again


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