Door bell-Why you can’t appear in all hotels?


Before we answer that question, let’s be clear what is a door bell for hotel.

When we talk about door bells, most of our impressions are probably of household door bells.

this is a conventional wired doorbell

Household doorbell is a a very simple doorbell and already very popular in many countries.

Recent 10 years there are many new things are added to them, such as wireless communication and camera.

But these doorbells could not be used in hotel rooms. Because the use environment is very different between the hotel and family house.

1.Household doorbell may face many strangers, who is just passing by your house. That’s why now new designed doorbell added camera to shot the face of visitors.

Cameras were added to observe strangers and record them

Hotels are usually equipped with security systems, access control functions of hotel room cards, and ubiquitous surveillance cameras.
So it’s likely that someone outside the hotel won’t even be able to use the elevator button because they can not pass the ‘elevator access system’.

2.Hotels are dedicated to providing room service. So if there is a door bell for each room they will be used very usually. Some hotel guests don’t want to be disturbed in some time, so doorbells must be able to be turned off temporarily.
These are the advanced doorbell functions in hotels.It will not happen to household doorbell.

So in general, hotel use doorbell must can

*Basic belling function just like a common doorbell, activate out of room, ringing inside room.
*doorbell could be disabled, when people don’t want it be used

A doorbell can not be used in a hotel unless it meets the above requirements.
That’s why the door bell in hotel is now usually called ‘Hotel DOORBELL System’.
It is real complicated than normal household doorbells.

What does it bring to the hotel?

With the above information, you probably already know what role the doorbell can play in the hotel. They are
1.Make the hotel looks modern. A door bell prompt the guest’s experience.

2. It’s polite to ring the doorbell. Hand Knocking sometimes heavy and feels uncivilized.

3.Ease hotel staff’s work. Pressing the doorbell button will replace the hand knocking.

What are the existing plans?

this is a fashion solution

Wall-mounted solutions is the major solution plans.

this is an old, and basic solution

Whether the old mechanical switch or the new touch button,they all requires put into the wall.

Why didn’t they occupy all hotel rooms, just like hotel lock, AIR-condition and TV?

Guam Reef hotel has 20 years old. It is a japanese hotel.
There are 2 towers and total 400 rooms.
You can’t say it is luxurious but its facilities are humanized design, just like any thing ‘made in Japan’.
For example its room lighting system, it is not glossy but opportune. When you want control the room lightening, it is just on the bed head.

Guam Reef hotel don't prepare door bell for each room
Guam Reef hotel working well without a doorbell system

Its room prices are above $200 per night.
Obviously doorbell system is not priority in such a big hotel.

Low efficiency and high cost is why door bell can not become priority in hotel.

Hand knocking plus door hangers still working
Knocking+hangers could solve most needs without doorbell system

Hotels need to make money.
Compared with wall mounted hotel doorbell(system), there is a almost free cost solution.Door hangers and Hand knocking is simple and low cost than conventional hotel doorbell systems.

That’s see a comparation.

Hanger+KnockingWall Mounted door bell system
Purchasing costs10USD/ door hanger50-80USD
Require install NoYes
Install costs020-100USD depends on labor costs of hotel location
Require power supplyNoYes
Electricity bills080-100kW·h/room/year, bills depends on electricity price of hotel location
Maintenance cost10USD/ door hanger50-80USD, plus the loss of room out of service
FunctionCall door, do not disturb, makeup roomCall door, do not disturb, makeup room, door number(deluxe model)


Purchasing costs-the hotel doorbell is a complex and multi-component system.
It includes many items, such as control panel, extra power adapter, doorbell etc. Everything have to be paid.
Doorhanger is cheap.
This is High Costs.

Require install&install costs-hotel doorbell need be put inside wall. There are various panels which have to be put into the wall.
Knocking and hanger don’t need be installed.
This is low efficiency.

Require power supply&Electricity bills- Doorbell require extra power supply for the all equipments and all these will make costs on electricity bills.
Hanger+Knocking don’t need power supply and no costs on electricity bill.

Maintenance cost-the more installed in the hotel, the higher the cost of maintenance in future.
And the more features there are, the more problems probably happen.
The conventional hotel doorbell system is given too many functions and the system is bloated.
This is High Costs.

Simply,hotel doorbell (system) costs and troubles far outweigh the benefits.
More flaws please see here.

This is why hand knocking +door hangers looks a little old but still they can work in a lots of hotels.

Everything is always trying become easier than before but hotel door bell was going to the opposite direction.

In this world, inefficient and complex things will end up being replaced by efficient and low-cost things.

Then the final result is that things get easier.

Let’s take transportation as an example.

In the 19th century, horse-drawn carriages were the main means of transportation.
A close carriage will need a coachman. Coachman’s duty is remain in full control of the horses.
So the annual maintenance cost of the carriage is high, including the feeding of the horse and a experienced coachman.In the 20th century, fuel cars were invented and popularized. Driving a car is much more easier than a horse. The career coachman disappered.
And fuel cars speed 3-5 times than carriages. That’s a huge efficiency gain.

Cars in 2022 May not be faster than cars in 1992 but it may have auto driving capabilities.This is also a kind of efficiency improvement.

Unfortunately,Conventional hotel doorbell system did not take the same route as driving in its past 20 years life.
Its designer never considered how to make it simple and easy. It made the things complicated-actually Hanger+Knocking is still perfect solution.
They use no electricity and are simple and easy to implement.

wall-mounted switch doorbell system’s existing is just like proof they are redundant.


Is there a better solution than Hanger+Knocking?

KAHN Decided not to make anything redundant.
Hotel lock Pro integrated doorhangers and bell in one hotel lock.

door bell in hotel evolution
KAHN C5 is the world’s first door bell ready hotel door lock

It is a complete future-oriented hotel lock.


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