Drilling Holes for Card Door Lock


Hotel card door lock requires drill few holes on door, before it can be installed.

These holes are different with most pure mechanical door locks’ due to there are wire to connect, and electronic reader moudle to place into.
All these component have to go across or placed inside the door.

Following is a demo stand of Vingcard Classic hotel card door lock model.

Ving card hotel use card door lock

A-For 2 top screws plus wire and reader moudle.

This is the biggest hole of the all. And normally most hotel card door lock requires such a hole on the top.
Normally door is solid hole and this squre hole could allow the wire of lock mortise come out, to available connect with the reader moudle.

B-For lever handle

This is a hole of the handle spindle, which drive by lever handle.


C-For thumb turn of card door lock

100% formal hotel use card door lock have a thumb turn on the side inside room. It is used for double locking from inside the door.
It is only used on inside room but the spindle is normally longer, so this hole should be drilled also on the outside door face.

D-For cylinder

The model on above picture uses a US cylinder, so this hole is a round shape. If use a euro cylinder, this hole may not fit.

Thumb turn is working for double locking from inside the door.

E-For 2 down screws

Totally there are 4 holes to fixing the front and back panel. 2 holes on position E is on the down side 2 screws.


Drilling Notice

  1. Tolerances are always going to happen.
    Tolerances happens on marking the center line (backset line, ANSI standard is 70mm ) and also drilling operations. A little gap will not effect installation due to the holes are always little bigger than the screw needs. Or sometimes the hole could be drill like this to avoid the tolerances happens.
sometimes holes could be drilled like this
sometimes holes could be drilled like this

2. The hole A could not be drilled over the width of lock panel.
When drilling the hole A you should pay attention about its width very much. If over drilling on horizontal direction it may can not covered by the lock’s panel.

attention to the width

3.Use a drilling template.
Most hotel card door lock will provide a ‘drilling template’ to help installer to mark the all holes on door. This would help reducing the error.

4.The most important is backset line.
Backset line is the basic position of all holes, if you marked it on a wrong position, all holes may not fit the lock. This will become a big problem because once you drill the holes on a wrong positoin it nearly could not be recovered!

In the end, not all models card door lock drilling holes are in the same positions as the above.Some’s could be little different for example there is no hole for cylinder needed. And some’s lever handle hole is under the cylinder hole.


    • Yes, the holes on the door may damage it especiall the very rough drilling working.
      Normally there is a template come along with the card door lock. The drilling size and positions should be as possible as same as the template.
      Then there is not much serious problems.


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