Hotel Lock Dictionary-Hotel Key card Holder


Hotel Key card holder is a paper made small envelope.

Normally it has 2 types- the folder and sleeve.

Hotel Key card holder folder type

hotel key card holder

Hotel Key card holder sleeve type

key card holder type 2

In my opinion the card holder have following benefits.
-Make the key card difficult to lose.
After the key card been put in the holder, the volume become larger.
It is much more difficult to lose in hand or anywhere.

-The room number will be filled on the holder and customer don’t need remember the room number by their brain.
In a hotel lock system, the key card is used by writen and erased data for all rooms. So the card itself will not be put any room number.
Card holder is a better choice show room number.

-Hotel’s culture and Image Show.
As card holder can contains the hotels logo, name, address and even introduce of hotel history, it is a good medium for displaying images of hotel. It can give more better feeling to hotel customers because they have to view it everytime when they want to use the key card.

Hotel Key card holder is a consumes materials

Because key card holder is made of paper and it is not as important as the key card.
So it is easily got damaged or be discarded by hotel customers.As customer can still enter the room by key card, even without the card holder.
That’s why every year hotel need purchase new card holders for new coming customers.

But don’t mind that, because of its simple production you can easily find a large number of card holder manufacturers who can provide it in the world.
As hotelier you can always buy it at a very low price.

Important thing for hotel customers

As a hotel customer, I have a very important experience to let you know.
DON’T Put your key card together with card holder.
When you lose it by accident somebody will know clearly where you lived in.


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