Will wireless doorbell popular in hotels, just like it at home?


Wireless-one of the most hot technology words today.
Wireless headset, wireless IP camera, wireless vacuum cleaner, wireless charger…
The removal of wires has become a fashion.

Wireless doorbell is now a latest fashion.It is a new technology electronic doorbell.

Wireless doorbell hot so fast

The marketing sold wireless doorbells are mostly for home use.
It started popularize globally with an unstoppable trend in recent 2 years.

Ease installation
Traditional doorbell requires wiring inside and outside room.

traditional doorbell wiring
Traditional doorbell wiring

The wireless technology ease the installation of doorbell.Users can place doorbell tone unit anywhere inside home.The doorbell button usually be place outside the entry door of home, just as following drawing.

home wireless doorbell
wireless doorbell is very simple installed

Cheap price
This wireless doorbell is very simple in function-press and ring is the only function.That means they are not complicated to make and not high sale price.
With the development of wireless technology,people can realize wireless on home use doorbells in a reasonable price.

various home use wireless doorbells
there are many choice for home use wireless doorbells

The market retail prices are between USD17.00~USD38.00 on amazon.com.

The Wireless doorbells solve the pain points of installation inconveniences of traditional wired doorbells. It brings people convenience and beauty. And I believe the traditional doorbell will be replaced by it permanently.

Wireless doorbell is so good but can it get into hotel rooms?

Doorbell in hotel has a little difference

It is not so simple.
Doorbell in hotel must consider one important thing- the guest privacy.
If a guest do not want to be disturbed, the doorbell button of his room should be advised not pressed or disabled.This is the correct solution in hotels.
That’s why you could hardly see a hotel use a normal doorbell button like home’s.
Hotel need a doorbell especially designed for guest rooms.

There are no real ‘wireless’ doorbell for hotels

To satisfy the above needs, doorbells in hotels were made likes wall switches.They are integrated doorbell button, privacy and makeup room indicators.

the outside part of hotel doorbell ‘switches’

These doorbells are working available in hotels but unfortunately, the its flaws caught its feet going to more hotels especially middle and small investment hotels.

To install such a switch, hotel have have to pay about 50-80USD per room.
The labor cost of drilling on wall and wiring inside wall are a big part of the cost.

There are total 8-12 wires involved.
There are various signal wires, common wires and extra AC to DC power adaptor wires.
These wires make them looks like comes from the last century.

But now it is 2018,People today are lazier than ever before. No body likes the complicated especially if they have a better option.

A better and ‘wireless doorbell’ option for hotel.

Fortunately, humans are never satisfied with the status quo. Now there is a world first hotel use door lock that integrate a doorbell function- KAHN C5.

the world first hotel door lock integrated wireless doorbell

Ease installation
There is no wire at all. What hotel have to do is just install the lock onto the guest room door.

Cheap price
There is no more cost except only a lock price.It saves hotel a lot of money.

Complete satisfy hotel needs
This lock provide a perfect ‘wireless doorbell’ solution to hotels just like the ‘wireless doorbell’ doorbell in homes.
It can fit many usually happen cases in hotel.

KAHN C5 Wireless doorbell
As a compact solution, it is expected that it will make wireless doorbells popular in all hotels, in the near future.
The all normal hotel door locks, doorbell switches will be forgot.

Will wireless doorbell popular in hotels, just like it at home?
Definitely!Nothing can stop technological progress!

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro C5






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