Vingcard: I am Not Teacher of China Hotel Locks


Many years ago, vingcard probably didn’t think of becaming a teacher of china hotel locks.

vingcard Elsafe logo

Obviously,Vingcard Elsafe has made a great contribution to the hotel lock industry. In the past 20 years, it promotes the modernization of the hotel.
After years of development, it has formed its own complete product line and unique product DNA.

In the second decade of the 21st century, many hotel locks have made a living by imitating Vingcard, especially in China.

The imitations are 100% come from China.

1.Low level imitation is almost a direct copy of the original.

Some highly imitated products
How much difference can you find?

2.A little more advanced imitation, slightly modifie on the original.
VingCard Essence is a Minimal-looking RFID lock. The part in the door is made up of two parts:Battery power module, and lock mortise.

Imitations 100% uses this design but just changed the lever style and color of reader.

The style was imitated as a high-end product

Vingcard signature is another classic style that born over 15 years. This separate style look was widely imitated today.

Generally, Vingcard hotel locks are imitated in all directions without dead corners.These imitators enshrine it as a god and worship.
There is no more creative in their brains.
If they say they have innovated, it is just a small modification on the basis of imitating!


Why everyone imitate it?

1.Vingcard is good enough. Imitate it will bring the most commercial benefit.

Even imitation takes time and effort. Choose a widely welcomed brand will reduce the risk and get benefits immediately.
Imitation is much more easy than Invention
Be another vingcard is very very hard. But follow it is simple. There is no need investment on unknown field or product.
What imitators have to do is just watching the original.

2.The purpose of imitation is to make money quickly, not to solve the problem itself.
Take the AXXX Lock brand for example,This company is based in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China.

Its main product line is a complete copy of Vingcard however they show their imitations everywhere proudly. They don’t have any innovations.
Where is their face?

What do these imitations bring to the world?

Rido Busse already told eveyone his feeling of these imitations.

Prof. Rido Busse, initiator of the negative award “Plagiarius”

If imitating is positive, then there won’t be Plagiarius award.

Plagiarius is an award for every years ‘Outstanding’ imitations worldwide.
Just as no one took the Plagiarius Prize, because those winners knew they were shameful.

If it’s not because the hotel lock is not a hot-selling product, there should be many products shortlisted.

You should say ‘No’ to imitations

Not only hotel locks, all the things you own in your life, you should try not to buy and use imitations, because

1.You can’t get any fresh experience from imitations.

Imitations just walk along with the originals. how can you get new experiences on them?

For example, Vingcard have to put a big housing to cover the huge module of reader and batteries.

The students can’t answer a question if teacher didn’t told how.

Blind worship can only bring decay and backwardness.But the wise will always find a better solution.

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro jump out battery tray combine both beautiful and simple using
KAHN Hotel Lock Pro’s batteries module is pretty and easy reload.

What’s more,the 100% imitations are trying sale at a lower price than the original.But price-war is normally endless. The cheap price brings cheap quality. See<Cheap Hotel Door Locks Are Horrible>

2. The world is driven by inventors but not imitators. They need your support.

The earth’s resources are limited, including electricity, oil. Human life is also limited, each of us only come to this world once. We have to do something more meaningful.
If you can’t become an inventor, please buy the original designs product to support them because inventor will always create more good things.

The imitators will always imitating due to that is their living method.



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