The ugliness and beauty of hotel card locks


There is no denying that the things which can make people feel beautiful are existed.There are a lot of things like that, all kinds flowers, for example, are beautiful to most people.
But hotel card locks are not both like flowers. Some of them are beauty and some are ugliness.


  1. An in-correct way installation

    The in-correct way install of the hotel card locks will would lead to disastrous results. Just like following

    in-correct install hotel card locks

    This is ridiculous that the normal dead lock existed with the hotel card lock at the same time.

  2. Front and rear panels are not in a same style.

This is just a deliberate attempt to make a difference, but it doesn’t really make much sense.

Different materials in front and back

The front and rear panels are in different colors and materials, making it unlikely that there is any unified DNA. This is a failed design.

This is a very funny model-It is very pretty when look front side.

However, it just made a half good work.
Its rear panel is made to another COMPLETE DIFFERENT STYLE.
What should I say to it?
Who made it?-Chinese!The laughable logic of Chinese design is to focus only on the front.
It has no business with ‘beauty’ at all.


3.Copy from the other hotel card locks

Hotel card lock is an area full of wild growth. In the past 15 years there comes several famous brands, but also many their copies.

Good products are always copied by others. You will find the above copies and their original desgins.
There are many ways to imitate

  • Copy the idea.
    In the case of Vingcard Essence-I, the copy locks almost completely copies the entire idea, including the reader shape, the positions of electronic moudule.
  • Modify a little
    The KABA Solitaire 710 II was originally designed as a magstripe card door lock. The copycatting version make the same look but removed its magstripe card groove and added a RFID reader.
    Actually KABA Solitaire 710 II has no RFID version at all.
  • Completely copy
    Vingcard door lock is the focus of copycat and imitation, because it is the most famous. The copycattings almost 90% same as the originals (Vingcard signature RFID and Classic RFID).

Copycatting is much more easier than original creating.It costs nothing to develop and takes less time. They are normally cheap and poor quality.
However, whether the copy improves or inherits the advantages and disadvantages of the original, it is an ugly business.


4.Unnecessary details

The major reason of one lock make people feel un-comfotble is, too many unnecessary details.

On this example, there are too many elements on the surface-There are 3 types shape, which makes it looks confusing and useless.

The door lock must be shaped by a professional appearance designer to complete, the following lock certainly did not do so.
A raised forehead is unnecessary part, why not make it flat?

5.Too much plastic

As a door lock, there should not be much plastic materials on the panel.
In technology the plastic only to contain the antenna, to read RFID card.It is necessary but should not be too much.
In the examples above, the proportion of plastic materials accounted for more than 40% of total.
The plastic part is too high and thick, making the lock look bulky and rough.

What are beauty?

The world has come to accept the idea of extremely simple aesthetics.



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