Card Locks and Film Stars


Electronic hotel card locks has been popularized to hotels around the world in the passed many years.
Films and stars are the mainstream entertainment in today’s world. Every year there are many new films are made in vairous citys and places, also includes various hotels.

Films are not real but the hotel card locks are real.
It is very interesting to collect them and list here.


-Olga Kurylenko X Vingcard Essence card locks

Olga Kurylenko X Vingcard Essence
Olga Kurylenko and Vingcard Essence

Appear in Film<Johnny English Strikes Again> 2018

Story-Ophelia Bhuletova(Olga Kurylenko), a Russian spy and Johnny’s(Rowan Atkinson) love interest. As an enemy, she tries everything to kill him, but fails and eventually falls in love with him.

Vingcard Essence-a model RFID card lock that the world first hide all parts of reader inside the door.
Its slogan is ‘The World’s First Invisible Door Lock’ .

Vingcard Essence is a very cute hotel card lock. The secret is that it hide the all electronic components inside the door. From the appearance you can only see a wave shape reader on the door surface.
But that is also its biggest problem. To install it the door must be drilled another long groove on the up of mortise.Digging and mounting time is double that of normal hotel card locks.

-Nicolas Cage X Kaba ilco 790 card lock 

Nicolas Cage and Dormakaba ilco 790
Nicolas Cage and card locks-Dormakaba ilco 790

Appear in Film<Looking Glass> 2018

Story-Ray(Nicolas Cage)and his wife got a small motel locate in a wilderness area, without paying one penny.As the boos and sole administrator of such a small motel, Ray did all kinds of maintenance work every day, such as cleaning the swimming pool, repairing the air conditioner and replacing the old facilities.
He has his heart set on running the hotel well.But the motel’s old guests are very strange, a lot of incredible things happened, finally RAY and his wife plan to leave there.

a small project totally 10 rooms/card locks

It is also a proximity(contactless/rfid) tech based card lock.It provides the basic RFID room key functionality and it has a durable look.
In film <Looking Glass> the motel has total 10 rooms.They are not original fit for the doors. They were retrofitted on the door.

kaba 790 retrofitted on a motel door

Kaba ilco 790-It is a very flexible electronic door card lock.
Different with vingcard, 790 integrated cultch inside the front panel so it can be used with different lock bodies for different doors and application scenarios.

These scenarios are not limited to hotels, but also include schools, offices, hospitals, etc., wherever access control is required using RFID technology.

-Bradley Cooper X Onity HT24 card lock

Bradley Cooper and Onity HT24

Appear in Film<The Mule> 2018

Story-Earl(Clint Eastwood) a 90-year-old world war ii veteran who runs his garden and flowers,went bankrupt in the face of the Internet. He got a chance be paid to deliver goods for gulf cartel.The agent Bates(Bradley Cooper) is trying to dig up ‘Mule’ working for drug cartels. Finally they meet.

go to the room ‘mule’ stay in and insert a wrong room key

Bradley Cooper is just the number two in this film. He knowingly operated a wrong room key designedly on a Onity HT24, to force the suspect ‘Mule’ open the door.

Onity HT24-This is a very long history electronic magnetic card lock for hotels. It is much more older than vingcard essence and kaba 790.
Its age is as old as the vingcard 2100 magnetic card lock. In the passed 20 years it is installed all over the world.

-Matt Damon X Tesa Donna (Magnetic card lock)

Matt Damon and Tesa Donna

Appear in Film<Stillwater> 2021

Story-Oil worker Bill Baker<Matt Damon> ,A middle-aged unemployed man lost job and he have to go to Marseille, to save his daughter Allison,who is suspected of a murder crime case. 

Ninety percent of the story takes place in Marseille, France. It is about love between father and daughter.

Matt Damon stays in a hotel about 2 weeks. Every night stay there and day time he will go out to gather information.

Tesa Donna-a hotel card lock very similar to the Onity HT24. It has 2 model version- the magstripe type and RFID type.




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