Why Do Lazy People Loves KAHN RFID Hotel Lock?


Lazy people loves KAHN RFID hotel lock because  they can be ‘lazy’ on it.

Modern people have become lazier than everbefore.
People need faster, easier and because of that we can see many things come out.

What the difference between KAHN RFID hotel lock and other hotel locks for lazy people?

1.A lazy Locksmith doesn’t have much work to install KAHN C5 rfid hotel locks.

KAHN C5 is powerful in features but it only use a regular size lock mortise. It don’t require drill an extra longer groove on door.
However, many other brands RFID hotel locks need an EXTRA LONGER pocket to put in the lock mortise.

a longer mortise hotel lock
a longer mortise hotel lock

2.A Lazy Guest doesn’t need open door to make the sign on the lock.

KAHN C5 provide electronized door hangers (e-Hangers) for Guest requires DND(Do Not Disturb) or MUR(Makeup my room).

Hotel guest lazy people can just make DND/MUR by touch the sign on KAHN C5, inside the room.

DND on electronic hotel door lock
Compared with KAHN RFID hotel lock, the conventional door hanger is a primitive and laborious way.

Normal rfid hotel locks requires open the door and hang a door hanger on lock lever, outside the room.
And this sign must be put back to inside room lock lever, by somebody manually.

3.A Lazy Electrician doesn’t have any work for doorbell systems.

KAHN C5 already integrated a doorbell on lockset.

To install a normal hotel doorbell system,there are many works to do.
Drilling on wall-hotel doorbell system switch inside and outside panel both need wall mounted.
Wiring- all wires behind the panel must be wired correctly and check carefully.

Wall mounted switch type hotel door bell system requires wiring
hotel door bell wiring
The complicated wiring method is terrible and un-necessary

On KAHN RFID hotel lock, all of these works are un-necessary.

4. Lazy Housekeeper doesn’t have to knock the door when asking opening.

In conventional way, the hotel door lock and doorbell systam are separately.
If a hotel did not install the doorbell system(that means only the hotel lock system), the housekeeper must knock doors when she asking for opening.

Conventional hotel locks leave the knocking door to housekeepers
Doorbell on KAHN C5
KAHN RFID hotel lock solve the knocking door perpetually.

KAHN RFID hotel lock allow housekeepers just press a button to asking door opening.

Generally, KAHN electronic hotel lock satisfies all lazy desire, it is simple, easy to use and low cost.




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