KAHN C5 make the hotel lock interesting again


Current hotel lock designs have become more and more boring,undoubtedly.

Hotel lock Industry faces Stagnation

Ten years ago, people used nokia mobile phones and drove Volkswagens.
It is very fresh for them using a contactless key card to unlock hotel rooms.
But now, although people grab iPhones and drive Teslas, hotel locks are still the same as before— unchanged like the taste of Coca-Cola.

Thousands models but don’t make any sense.

Partial statistics show that there are over 200 electronic hotel lock brands in the world, coming up with 2,500 different styles.

Various hotel locks searched by google, their biggest feature was a lack of features

These locks have evolved from the single bar-type into the new ones consisting of two separate parts or even three,what is the next?

2022 hotel lock
Appearance changes line from 2005 to current

The materials of them range from stainless steel, zinc alloy, to brass and their colors from silver, gold, and bronze, to black.The way of unlocking has also changed from using magnetic cards, RF cards, RFID cards to Bluetooth from mobile phones.

How great the human is!

However, what never changed in the past so many years is the very basic function of the electronic hotel locks-open and locking the door.So although these locks look different, they are actually no different.

That’s why top 5 brands always have only 2 to 3 hot styles, but hotel locks of unknown brands produce a wide variety of fancy styles.

The superficial prosperity cannot hide the emptiness and backwardness behind this industry.–Like pouring old wine into a new bottle, such a trick has been repeated in the hotel lock industry for more than a decade.

Key card, locking, software and nothing more.

Swipe the card, open the door, track opening data and manage card distribution through software.
All the market sales hotel locks have been equipped with the functions of the past decades, which existed already ten years ago.

But now these features are not worth mentioning due to they are already becomes the standard functions of a hotel lock as if a car without four wheels and an engine is not exactly a true car.
In the recent five or six years, traditional cars have been developing towards purely electric and intelligent ones, but these hotel locks are almost still same as before.
Don’t you feel boring of them?

Why don’t we have impressing hotel locks after so many years?
No one knows how to make hotel locks more impressing, but KAHN does.

KAHN C5 is an ‘interesting’ hotel lock

C5 was developed by a group of experienced hotel lock industrial insiders to solve the problems faced by its users.


Before C5, doorbell was a luxury for hotels. To get a doorbell, the hotel has to install a ‘system’.
It not only makes it expensive but also time-consuming in installation and maintenance. Many low-budget hotels are simply unable to afford the cost.

It’s economical, easy to install, and requires almost no maintenance. It enables doorbells to be popularized in small-and-medium-sized hotels with limited investment budgets.

It is the world’s first hotel lock with a doorbell.


E-hangers is an innovative function developed by KAHN.
Its target is replace the use of physical door hangers.
With it, hotel guests don’t have to put a door hanger on lock handle.
They just press the button on the back part of C5, to light up either the “Do Not Disturb” or the “Please Clean Room” indicator on the outside part.

Interesting-3 A Pop-up Battery tray

C5’s pop-up battery tray working way

KAHN created a world best battery tray on C5. It is safe, easy and in pretty look.
See here to review global hotel lock battery way.
In the past so many years, changing battery on lock is always a difficult work.But now KAHN make it funny, due to it brings a brand new way get the battery.
It has only 2 steps- 1. Release screw. 2. Sliding
Then the battery tray jump out!


Still, KAHN C5 kept the very common RFID and locking functions as to be a hotel use door lock: card-swiping, opening doors, data-tracking, and managing card distribution with software.
It dont’ worth mentioned more.


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