Hotel Lock Should Not Equal to RFID Locks


Over the past decade, since RFID has been popularized around the world, RFID locks are widely equipped in hotels.

But is RFID the ending of the road for hotel locks?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at what happened around the world in the past years.

World changing every day

The world is wonderful, throw away the hotel lock, we can have a look at what happened in this world firstly.

In the first 10 years of new millennium, for example, telephones were still capable of making calls.
Nowadays telephones are called ‘smart phones’ because they are multifunctional.
It can do a lot of things likes play music instead of MP3 player, take shoot instead of digital camera.
People no longer have to buy and carry multiple devices.

Another example is the watch.
Todays watch have more functions than everbefore.

Sometimes you don’t know whether demand changes supply or supply changes demand.
But one thing is for sure, things are always trying to change for the better.

Fusion is taking place

Referring to the development history of telephones and watches, you will easily find that new species with high integration, multifunction appeared every where.

All this happens because
1. New or further needs happened. People need more than before, including improving productivity, going green, or having new funs.
2. Many years ago, human intelligence and technological development limited the realization of many ideas.But now they become true.

Camera drone is a brand new industry now. But it did not existed at all in 20th century.
It combined the remote-controlled aircraft with digital camera,A recent hot point and fashion in consumer electronics is SONY Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1.
Glass sound speaker is a complete new species comb. It combined the speaker with a table lamp.
So it is interesting that LSPX-S1 is both a lamp and a speaker.
Even though it price at over 700USD, it still can’t stop people from buying it.

These new things have broken through people’s inherent thinking.

Not only are different items combined,the different industries are also in fusion.

For exmaple IKEA is the world’s largest furniture and household products company.It now has 180 stores in 43 countries and employs more than 70,000 people.
LEGO is one of the world’s top 500 brands. Its toy bricks can always be combined with the latest movies and fashion, popular with children all over the world.

IKEA and LEGO are in completely different industries and seems unrelated. However in 2018 LEGO and IKEA announced a partnership, to bring a surprise for building block fans.
IKEA will create a brand new series- BYGGLEK furniture.

BYGGLEK-construction and play in Swedish.
As its name implies, this new line furniture will integrate LEGO bricks and IKEA furniture.
Users can play it likes LEGO bricks and use it to storage just like normal furnitures.

In short, today’s world is infinitely more possible.
Different items and industries are no longer as irrelevant as before.

All these has only one goal – to meet new needs.


Old things are disappearing

Just as new things are being created, many old things are being retired.

As the first generation of TV sets, CRT TV sets have been obsolete for many years. In 2004-2006 the Flat-screen televisions became popular. This happened to Displayer filed also. Today the CRT already completely disappeared.

Disappear reasons
-Large size limits the development of large size CRT.
-Image quality is not good as LCD.

-Magnetic tape/Video tape/Floppy Disc/Compact Disc
In the past tweenty years, video, audio and data storage media has undergone several major iterations.
Today, it has been converted to full digital storage.

Disappear reasons
-Small capacity  ( Floppy Disc) 
-High manufacture cost (Magnetic tape/Video tape)
-Easily damaged(Compact Disc)

-Digital Camera/DV
DC and DV were gradually replaced by better solutions-Smart phones.
Smart phone can take pictures and video directly. People do not need take a DC/DV in the bag.

Disappear reasons
-Inconvenient to carry 
-Extra buying costs

-Fixed-line telephone/Telephone booth
Mobile phone network covers every corner of the world in the past 10 years. The popularity of mobile phones has turned landlines into cultural relics. 

Disappear reasons
-High construction costs(telephone booth) 
-Not as convenient as mobile phones using

-Horse carriage/Steam  train
Go back to the 19th and 20th centuries the horse carriage and steam train were once the chief means of human travel.
But as humans become more productive, the need for speed increases.
They were replaced by faster gasoline locomotives and electric trains

The horse-drawn carriages now exist almost only in tourist attractions around the world.

Disappear reasons
-High maintenance costs (horse carriage)
-Speed limited
-Environmental pollution(horse carriage)

In the course of human development, nothing will not change.
Even the greatest invention will be abandoned in some day.
How could single-function hotel RFID locks be an exception?

Hotel RFID lock was ever a evolution

As the first generation keyless electronic door locks -magnetic card based electronic door locks have become a small market in the past 10 years.

Magnetic card on hotel electronic door locks appeared in the end of 20 century.

Today, if you search on internet, you will find the results are 90% same between the keyword ‘hotel lock’ and ‘RFID lock’.

Yes, RFID cards have become almost the first choice of hotel use key card in the world’s hotel industry, because of the convenience, cheapness and longevity.

But it’s been over 10 years!There is no new enablers emerged.
RFID became the only requirement for hotel-use door locks.
People equate hotel door locks with RFID locks.

But now hotel use RFID locks stopped growing

Unfortunately, in the recent 10 years, changing for the better likes the telephone and watch didn’t happen in the hotel door locks’ world .

From the year 2000 to 2019, 99.9% of hotel door locks still provides only one function — lock-unlock function.

RFID,lock and unlock–it seems like they become the ending of hotel door locks.



Existing RFID locks just provide hotel a different look.What else except the RFID locking?


Hotels now need more than ever before

Regardless few hotels that pursue extreme simplicity, most hotels are now working hard to improve guest room facilities as the guests’ comfort requirements increase.10 years ago a hotel room might have only TV, beds, air conditioning, toiletries, etc.
But today many new items are now appearing in hotel rooms for example
 the smart toilet, hair dryer, mini refrigerator, mobile charger etc.

They have been the hotel room necessities.

These things didn’t exist in hotels at the end of the 20th century but now it become very common,just because people need them

What does this tell us?
-The hospitality industry is no different from other industries in the world, such as retail, automobile and consumer electronics, which always facing the new needs.

So how can hotel locks don’t move in 10 years?
It’s no exaggeration to say that hotel door locks are the oldest industry in the world.

KAHN tells the world-RFID is not the only explanation of hotel lock

C5 tells the world- Hotel use lock’s ending is not the RFID locks.

KAHN C5 is the first model that integrated new features on a hotel use door lock besides the conventional lock&unlock function.

Professional Hotel Door Lock


It break the traditional wisdom about hotel locks.

Why KAHN C5 is a ‘New wine’?

KAHN C5 is a ‘New wine’ because it is a real innovation.
Different with 99.9% locks are always trying been looked different, C5 is simple in look.
In fact, the appearance updates is very vulgar and ridiculous.
It is a very low layer creative.
If you have more than 3 years experience in purchasing or observing hotel locks, you will find now the hotel locks world is playing a game named ‘Old wine in new bottles’.(just like what i refered in my post-KAHN C5 make the hotel lock interesting again)

After you read it you will undestand how boring is the hotel door locks’ world!

KAHN decided not play the game ‘Old wine in New bottles’. So a new wine in a new bottle was created in 2017.

Fusion is the Spirit of C5
KAHN lock combining different functions to create new species.

Meet the Core Needs is C5’s Goal
As the above results, hotels need more modern facilities in hotel rooms.
Door bell and DND/MUR indicators are more needed than ever before.
Mobile-open was un-considered on KAHN C5 because it raise up the cost but low rate of usage.(see my post Does Your Hotel Really Need Mobile keys?)

C5’s fusion focus on essential and high rate of usage- doorbell, RFID unlock and DND/MUR.

What is the historical significance of KAHN C5?

Since the hotel electronic door lock was born at the end of the 20th century to the second decade of the 21st century, there has never been a multi-functional hotel-use electronic door lock in human history.
KAHN C5 is the first one.

Old wine and New wine

People are tired the game ‘Old wine in new bottles’. They need NEW wine.

What will be killed by KAHN C5?

New things appear usually means old things die.
KAHN C5 will make several things disappeared in future.

1.Door hangers
Hotel use door hangers normally has two functions DND(Do not disturb) and MUR(Please Make up room).

To use it, people have to hang it on the handle of hotel lock.
The hotel installed KAHN C5 will not need physical door hangers anymore.
Because they will get e-hangers immediately when install the KAHN locks.

KAHN e-hangers(electronized door hangers) is free of charge. It is long life,and much more easy to use.

Disappear reasons
-Primitive use method
-Easy dirty/damaged
-Extra buying needed

2.Individual doorbell / doorbell system
Before KAHN C5, if a hotel don’t want use door hangers they have only one choice.
That is the ‘hotel doorbell system‘.
Although it is called ‘system’, its function is extremely simple.
What’s more, it has a lot of environmental requirements, not only relying on the power supply(AC to DC), but also the complicated installation works.

hotel DND switch
hotel doorbell system DND switch


Disappear reasons
-Complicated wiring installations
-High maintenance costs
-Extra buying needed

3. Single-function RFID locks.

Single function RFID lock will not suit for hotels in future

Just like the MP3, Digital Camera, the single-function RFID locks will become out very soon.
KAHN C5 is the real and final destination of hotel door lock.Because it is only designed for hotels.

It explaines what is 21 century hotel door lock. RFID locks are never the end of hotel lock.




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