What is Hotel Doorbell System?


Hotel DoorBell System is a weak electricity system of doorbell and related function for hotel.

What it contains?

hotel door lock and hotel doorbell

Electronic door bell-the device making sounds.

Usually the system include 3 parts, the indoor panel, outdoor panel and doorbell.

Outdoor panel-includes DND and Makeup room indicator, and the doorbell button.

hotel doorbell outdoor panel

MUR indicator: Lighten(normally in Green color) only when indoor panel’s MUR was touched
DND indicator: Lighten(normally in Red color) only when indoor panel’s DND was touched.When the ‘do not disturb’indicator is lighted, the ‘bell’ button cannot be used.
Bell: Lighten immediately once upon been touched.Normally in blue or white color.

hotel door bell system waiting indicator*In some model there is a ‘Please wait’ indicator when the guest is inconvenient to meet the visitor, the ‘Waiting’ switch can be pushed indoor,then the corresponding indicator on outdoor.

Indoor panel-includes DND and Makeup room button, in touch type or mechanical pressure type.

Hotel doorbell system indoor panel function
MUR:Touch one time lighten(On), touch again Off, normally in green color.
DND:Touch one time lighten(On), touch again Off, normally in red color.

Both the outdoor and indoor panel install size are same as a wall switch’s. To use it in hotel you should wiring in the wall between inside hotel guest room and outside hotel guest room.
It is generally considered as a branch of Guest room automation system.

How does it works?

It’s an interactive system.The interactive sides are hotel guest and visitors.

For Guest

Hotel guests could experience more convenience and comfort by using the Hotel DoorBell System.
In traditional way, hotel guest must open the door and hang the door hanger to the hotel lock’s  lever handle to remind DND/Privacy.
In hotel doorbell system they don’t need do that anymore.
Everything could done by just touch on the panel of hotel doorbell system.

For example when guest need room be cleanup, he can just press the sign of MUR(makeup room) on indoor panel.
After that the corresponding outdoor indicator( Makeup room sign)will lighten, to remind housekeepers the room waiting for clean.

And when guest sleeping or don’t want be disturbed, he can touch the hotel doorbell system’s indoor touch panel DND/Privacy sign.
After that the outdoor DND/Privacy indicator will lighten, to remind housekeepers or any other guys no disturb the room.

For Visitors (Housekeepers)

Most hotel provide housekeeping services.
The hotel doorbell system will also promote the housekeepers services efficiency.
For example the housekeeper just press doorbell button instead of knocking the door to call opening doors.
And the indicator of DND/Makeup room will replace the traditional door hangers, which requires housekeepers hang it back to lock’s handle indoor.

By using a lot of latest technology such as electronic doorbell, touch control operating, it makes hotel become more modern, more comfortable and more efficient.


Popular Models on Market


Generally. in the market Hotel doorbell system includes 2 types, the wall switch type and electronic doorplate type.

Wall switch type usually provide basic function such as doorbell indicator/touch button, DND indicator/touch button, Makeup room indicator/touch button.

Electronic doorplate provides more such as hotel name and logo,  room number, and please wait indicator/touch button.



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