8 Things Should Not appear on a Good Hotel Door Lock


A hotel door lock contains many parts, but the following 10 things should not appear on a Good hotel door lock.

1.The circuit board is exposed

As the brain of a electronic hotel lock, the circuit board(reader,PCB,mainboard) contains various very precise components such as the MCU,memory chip and many diodes, capacitance resistors.
All of these electronic components should be put in a very stable environment.
It should not be un-protected.
The protection does not mean only a coat layer on the board surface, but also a housing on above it, to protect it from damaged by accident, when it in shipping, and installation.

Turn the panel upside down and if you find it looks like this, stay away from the locks

2.The cylinder cover drop out

The Top 5 door lock normally does not contain a visable cylinder cover.So they have not such an issue.
But for non-top 5 hotel locks, if the model have a visable cylinder cover(a hole of cylinder, to insert key), it should not be easily get drop out.
This is always a headache for many hotels.
After a long term using, the all cover on the lock was gone.

cylinder cover dropped out
there is a key hole but no cover to drop out, good!

3. The plastic part looks dark and uneven.

The dark color is due to the fact that the plastic is not made of high quality raw materials.

good and week materials compare
good and week materials compare

4. Anti panic function Not smoothly

Anti panic is a essential function on the mechanical structure of hotel door lock.
It ensures that guests can open the door quickly in case of an emergency, when the door is double locked(thumb turn was activated)

hotel door lock anti panic
hotel door lock’s anti panic function

The anti panic should be felt very light and smooth. If feel hard to press the level handle, that means the structure inside lock mortise is not good enough.

test anti panic by two fingers
test anti panic by two fingers
weak anti panic is hard to press, and feels 2 sections
weak anti panic is hard to press, and feels 2 sections

5. Thumb turn hardly to turning

Similar with pressing the back lever, the thumb turn is also should twist easily.
It must be light enough for old people and children to wriggle.



6. A Strange style

If a strangely shaped lock is placed in front of you, you have to ask yourself why it should be made this way. Or what’s the point of doing such a style?
If the answer is just to make it look different with other hotel door locks, you should leave it alone.

various strange style hotel locks
various strange style hotel locks

Some look top-heavy, some like a sword, Some are like coffins.
Strange proportion-likes a big head and a short body, or a small head on a very long body.

Human beings have something in common about beauty.


7.An EPS filler in packing box.

Hotel locks are bulk purchase, it does not need a pretty look packaging. Color printing film – coated packaging will impact on the environment. Meanwhile, The shock-resistant filler must not be non-degradable.
EPS(Expanded Polystyrene)is an very old filler of packing.It is not friendly to environment. How the trend is using paparboard instead of EPS.

8. Gaskets under handle is visible

gaskets is visible
many hotel locks ignor this detail

This is a very tiny details, but it says something about attitu

good gaskets design on hotel lock

de of hotel lock manufacturer.
It could be make smaller  than the diameter of the handle.




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