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Hotel Door hanger is usually a rectangular shape,made by cardboard or plastic object, cut to hang on the handle or knob of a door in hotels.

Various Styles

Various Styles Door Hangers

As a result of cultural difference of different area and hotel customized needs, the hotel door hangs existing in various styles in the world.They have different shapes, colors and expressions. These differences add some unique colors to the hotels.


Hotel door hanger Contents

Generally,the hotel use doorhangers includes two contents- the ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Makeup Room’.
No matter what patterns or colors was designed to look like, the above two contents never changed.
These contents can make the hotel housekeepers understand customer’s request, without needing talking face by face.

Hotel door hanger contents

In fact, this expression, like ancient people marks on the stone.
It doesn’t require face-to-face communication.

Do Not Disturb/Privacy-
Please, anybody do not try call or knocking on the door.Because I am having a rest or something happens now not allow be interrupted in any reasons.

Makeup Room-
Please, clean my bed and rooms. I need change my towels, change the bed sheet…
This is tell housekeeper or maid that ‘my room need service now and please come in’.

Simple,Easy and effective.

Door hangers is very simple to make.It can even be DIY.You can easily find many providers of door hangers due to it is very easy to design and manufactured.

Its using way is very like the marks on the stones made by primitive people.

Mark on stone and hanger

The mark can let other people understand the meaning, without need talking.
It always working effective because everybody can read it easily.
That is why the doorhangers become popular in hotels.

Hotel door hanger becomes the hotel door lock’s ‘mate’

Hotel Door Lock’s mate

Hang it outside or inside the door, you will find that the door hanger always staying together with the hotel door locks.

KAHN e-Hangers is an New and FREE hotel door hanger

It is the world first electronized hotel door hanger.

What is KAHN e-Hangers™?

e-hangers™, the short name of ‘electronized door hangers’,created by KAHN in 2016.
KAHN is the leader of Next Generation hotel locks.
It is a important feature of Next Generation hotel lock, which purpose is to simplify the hardwares.

The most conventional hotel lock must require a door hanger when privacy or makeup room request by room occupier.

conventional solutions

e-hangers change the old way to a new way. It just require touch a button on the lock to open the indicators of ‘Do Not disturb’ or ‘Makeup room’.

new way on e-hangers

e-hangers™ is the most cheap door hanger due to it is Free of charge

As one of the innovation function on the Next Generation hotel lock, e-hangers is an new function of the lock, except the basic key card and locking functions.

KAHN C5 already combo the door hanger with the lock hardware,  It becomes a feature of the hotel lock.
User don’t need buy it.


Why e-Hanger Better than Usual Door hangers?

  • No worry about damaged or lost
    e-hangers has no physical form, so you don’t need worry about it been damaged or lost,after a long term using it still keep on the lock’s hardware.
    Its capacitive touch screen and LED indicators guarantee product life more than one million times.
  • No need hang it back
    The e-hangers could be off while long press the symbol inside room.
  • Link to housekeeper card
    ‘Makeup room’ e-hanger will auto off while housekeeper card unlocking.
  • Link to doorbell
    The ‘Do Not Disturb’ e-hanger will disable the doorbell button on the lock. So any other people outside room will not able use the doorbell.

How can I get e-Hangers™?

e-Hangers is the unique feature of KAHN Hotel Lock Pro. You can not find it in any other conventional hotel locks.
The only way get e-Hangers is install KAHN Hotel lock Pro(official site

KAHN e-Hanger Makeup RoomKAHN e-Hanger Privacy


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