Why Battery Under Lock Mortise is not a good idea


Some models hotel lock put the battery case under the lock mortise.

In my opinion this is not a good idea.
I think why this design comes out on original purpose of simplify the locks design.

However it also cause many issues.

  1. Oil
    Oil leaks into the battery case
    lock mortise Oil leaks into the battery case

    The lubricating oil of the machinery inside the lock body, sometimes not solid, will flow down.The battery case is right under it.

  2. Drill a extra longer groove on door.
    To put in such a longer lock mortise, the groove on the door also must be much more longer than usual mortise.
    This is a extra work should be done by some workers, when installation the hotel lock. And also it brings extra cost on drilling.

    drill a very long pocket on door to fit this mortise
    drill a very long pocket on door to fit this mortise
  3. Doors can not goes back to change another usual size mortise.
    The most important thing after drilling such a special size pocket is,your doors can NOT exist without such a longger mortise. That is to say, you can not install a usual and normal size lock mortise on door.

Of course, it’s not without its benefits. The major benifits is very simple style hotel door lock can make us of such a mortise.

  1. Simplified hotel door lock’s design.  Manufacturer could save energy and time about how puting the battery case on the lock panel. They like it very much.
  2. The door lock can be very simple panel.But did it add any real value?

    a thing panel hotel lock will use this mortise
    a thing panel hotel lock will use this mortise


    • Yes, this is a very stupid and lazy design. Manufacturer don’t need to design an addtional battery tray on the lock panel.
      But the point is they leave the hard work for the lock installers. The installers must drill a ultra longger groove,Which is un-usual and may damage the door!


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