What is Hotel Electronic Doorplate?


Hotel electronic doorplate is a doorplate electronized.
Usually the traditional doorplate(room number plate) provide just one function-show the room number in a plate.
hotel room number plate

Hotel electronic doorplate provides multi-functions.
Hotel electronic doorplate is also called as ‘ hotel room number electronic display doorplate’ and’electrical doorbell doorplate ’.
That is because it contains both the electronized room number display and doorbell functions.


What’s new in Electronic Doorplate?

Usually it have a brand new designed appearance.
For example it have a bigger size plate in round or square shape.

New Materials and Technology

New Materials
It uses new materials such as glass, brass or stainless steel metal materials.

New Technology
It uses very modern electronic technologies.
For example the Sound/melody, light,color and capacitive touch, just in order to give a deluxe feeling and carry out the modern functions.
Hotel electronic doorplate appliance
So to make the hotel electronic doorplate working, you should prepare lots of electronics-related accessories. For example the DC/AC power, the wires etc.

New Functions

Doorbell-Electronic doorbell integrated in this system
DND indicator-Outdoor panel show sign room in Do Not Disturb status or not.
Makeup room indicator-Outdoor panel show sign room in clean request or not.
Room in Use-When power on, the sign remind room already in use.
RLighting room number display-

Electronic Doorplate Elements

Hotel electronic doorplate is made of 2 parts-The indoor panel and out door panel.Some pack includes doorbell also.

wiring of electronic doorplate

Indoor panel-installed inside hotel guest room.
Outdoor panel installed outside hotel guest room.
In fact, it is one style of Hotel doorbell system. Another style is DND switch.

In general,hotel electronic doorplate is not another brand new system because it is just an enhanced version of Hotel doorbell system wall switch type, due to it has a bigger outdoor panel which contains more functions except the hotel doorbell, DND indicator and Makeup room indicator.

The outer panel of hotel electronic doorplate usually adds the hotel logo, room number and sometimes the Please wait indicator, which does not appear on the hotel doorbell system wall switch type.


All of Hotel electronic doorplate’s elements are required to be customized.For example the electronic doorplate’s size and materials, the hotel logo, the room number.To equip it you must consider all above elements so that after it installed done it looks match the hotel decoration and hotel function needs.


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