What is rfid Door Lock


To know what is rfid door lock we need first know about the RFID.

What is RFID?

Rfid is the short name of ‘Radio-frequency identification’.

It is a communication technology which can identify specific targets and read and write data by radio signals without having to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target.

The major advantage of this technology is Contact-less.
Without needing contact,The target could be identified within less than 1.0second or even less than 0.5second.
The whole verification will be completed in air.
Such a fast identifying speed revolutionise improves the efficiency.

How does RFID works?

RFID working principle

RFID Tag- the target to be identified such as RFID label, RFID card etc.

Nowadays it contains RFID card, RFID label, any object include RIFD chip.


Type of RFID

RFID technology categorize by its frequency, different frequency has different application directions.

Low Frequancy (LF)
125KHz, widely used in Access control field.
The media are various 125K RFID tags, cards and labels

-Animal husbandry Management
-The application of marathon running system
-Automatic car park charges and vehicle management
-Access control and safety management system

High Frequancy(HF)
13.56MHz RFID,widely used in high securiy request field.
The media are various 13.56MHz RFID tags, cards and labels
Apply in
-Hotel door lock systems
-Management system of books and archives
-Apparel production line and logistics management system

Ultra High Frequancy(UHF)
868~915MHz、2.45~5.8GHz widely used in long distance identification
Apply in
-Logistics and supply chain management
-Production line automation management
-Air Parcels and containers management

Types of RFID Door Lock

RFID door Lock is the application of RFID tech in door lock
RFID door locks widely used as a supplement of Access control.
Home/Office use RFID Door locks

cylindrical rfid door locks

The RFID cylindrical locks type usually used in home/office.

Hotel use RFID door locks(mortise lock)

KAHN C5 Lite is a rfid door lock

KAHN C5 is the RFID door locks especially designed for hotels.
It provide the RFID Key card functions.

How does RFID door lock works?


Take the KAHN C5 for example.

KAHN C5 rfid door lock working principle





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