KAHN-Leader of Professional Hotel Door Lock


KAHN created a new species in hotel door lock’s world- the Professional Hotel Door Lock.

Electronic hotel door lock appeared in this world 20 years ago.In 1998 year around, the 1st Gen electronic hotel door lock appeared, it uses magnetic stripe card.

magstripe card lock

In the beginning of 21 century,the contactless card tech appeared on electronic hotel door locks.Contactless card is an RFID technology.Because of its ease of use and cheapness,RFID already become the trend of open-door technology.

RFID card lockRFID tech improved the way people use the key.People does not need insert key card to lock anymore. The contactless key will be identified just when people close it to the lock reader area.

KAHN Care about the future of hotel use electronic door locks

More than 10 years passed since RFID appeared on hotel door lock. Almost all hotel door lock now equipped RFID technology.The open door technology has come to an end on hotel door locks.
The locks sold on the market are only handled in the outward appearance.It happened in the past 10 years.KAHN lock thinks this is not how things should be.

But where is the next evolution of hotel door locks?
10 yeas ago there is no smart phone but today it popular.
10 years ago there is no Battery Electric Vehicle but today it come to our world.

Many things changed in 10 years but hotel door lock did not.

KAHN C5-the Next Evolution of hotel door locks

After years of market analysis and research, KAHN launched the NEXT GEN hotel door lock’s development.


Human consumption needs are a continually iterative process. When the basic requirements are met, there will be a higher level of demand.
This is the source of human technological progress.

KAHN believes that in the future, hotel door locks has only one direction-provide more professional functions.
That is why KAHN C5 was designed.

Professional Hotel Door Lock

It lead the future’s hotel door lock fashion-The professional functions for hospitality.





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