KAHN Energy Saving Switch-High Efficiency


KAHN Energy saving switch already become a essential appliance in hospitality industrial.

Almost every hotel guest room installed it and keep it using for saving power consume of the room.
There is no doubt that energy saving switch can save electricity by limiting the use of electricity in unoccupied rooms.

But what is the exact amount be saved?


KAHN Energy Saving Switch save the earth
KAHN Energy Saving Switch save the earth

To figure out how much it saves power every year,Let us do do an estimate as follows.

According to the electric appliance configuration for a standard room of a 3 star hotel or economy hotel,sample as follows
-2 bed lamps on the left and the right of bed=25~40W*2,
-1 mirror light=20W,
-1 floor light=25~40W,
-1 TV=120W, a table lamp=25~40W,
-1 porch lamp=25W,
-1 split air conditioner=1,000W,
so the total power is roughly estimated as 1300W=1.3KW.
This sample have not consider the mini bar.
Therefore, if there are 100 rooms in a hotel and all electric appliances are in shutting off status for 1h/d in each room on average, a hotel can save a large amount of power with application of power switches,

i.e. 1.3KW×100 rooms×1h/d×365d=47,450kwh per year!!

Although this is a very rough value, it still gives us an idea of how terrible power waste is every year.In europe one family consume power at about 2,500-5,000kwh per year. The wasted power is 9 times than that.

KAHN Energy Saving Switch provides the High Efficiency and most reliable quality for hotels.


It makes hotel guests save money for hoteliers.

KAHN energy saving switch saves your money

Energy consumption and global greenhouse effect has now become a social focus, which is related to the earth environment on which we live.
Hotel choose using the KAHN energy saving switch in every room can made great positive contribution to energy conservation.
Choose KAHN energy saving switch to save your money and protect the environment of earth!

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