What is Hotel Lock Software?


Electronic hotel lock software is a software especially designed for programming the key cards.

The software is essential due to in a hotel lock system, hotel staff should program every key card , to make it working available for different door locks in a same hotel.


Hotel Lock Software


The usual solution programming key card is operating it on a PC.

Users open the software, the visual interface appear on the monitor of PC.
The operating fill in parameters by mouse and keyboard.

Hotel Lock Software features

A regular Hotel Lock software normally have following features

  1. A display list of all hotel guest rooms.
  2. A interface to show and fill in check-in info
  3. Basic data search functions.
  4. Room status functions
  5. Operating by mouse
  6. Programming card history records.
  7. Several other type function cards programming function.
  8. Mouse and keyboard needed
  9. A card encoder needed
  10. Link to Hotel PMS  function

Difference with Hotel PMS

Actually many hotel door locks users does not clear the difference between hotel lock software and hotel PMS.
Many users want to get more on the hotel lock software, likes management of rooms, the income summary and even staff management functons.
These function could be better performed on hotel PMS, not hotel lock software.

The core value of hotel lock software is show the basic key card programming functions, and related hotel door locks setting functions.

Take KAHN system as example, it provides following functions

1. Guest key programming.
KAHN Lock Software have a special module named ‘Key Express’.
It is a Sub-program that especially working for quickly generate guest keys for customers.
This is a similar function as Hotel PMS guest key functions.

2. Various KAHN Special cards programming
As  an advanced hotel door lock system, in KAHN Software the cards are divided into two categories according to purpose.
They are Access-purpose cards and Configure-purpose cards.
This is special function only contains in hotel lock software. You can not find it in hotel PMS.

3. History Data search
In KAHN lock software, there is a module ‘Report’. It saves check-in history records.
You can also easily find the similar module in hotel PMS.

Generally speaking, the lock software and the PMS both have the same point and different points. They exist for different purposes.The hotel lock software exist mange the hotel door locks and provide simple function of check-in.
Hotel PMS provide rich function not only include hotel guest keys but also contains hotel managements needs functions.




  1. how are you,thacnks for good job.please halp me software for smart card encoder v8.0.my cliant rost the licese code i cant do enething

    • Normally encoding software is bundled with the hotel lock hardware.
      That means if you have more than one hotel lock suppliers, you should have more than one software.
      And your supplier should provide you the software, didn’t they?


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