Hotel Lock Dictionary-Anti Panic


Anti Panic door lock is a very important function for a entry door lock.
It is a mechanical structure function that the lock’s indoor lever could make the double lock(deadbolt) and latch retrack once time immediately.

Anti Panic Door Lock Function Drawing

anti panic door lock

Double lock step
1.Close the door and twist the Double lock turn
2.The deadbolt out.

Anti panic release step
1.Press indoor lever handle
2. Doublt lock turn recovers and the sametime deadbolt and latch retracts together.

Anti panic function will allow people escape from double locking immediately in emergency.
It can save people’s lives without affecting the security of the door lock.

Why Anti Panic?

The anti panic door lock have 2 latches-the latchbolt and the deadbolt.
The deadbolt could prevent door be breaking-in of burglars.
And anti panic function ensures that people can quickly leave the room without need firstly unlocking the double lock, especially when they got startled.
anti panic door lock

Not all Door Lock Provide Anti Panic function

However not all door lock on market designed as anti panic function.
Because of the cost and the use of the scene restrictions, many door locks do not have double lock and anti panic.

The typical examples are various cylindrical locks.
Cylindrical locks has no deadbolt, so it has no anti panic function.

Cylindrical door locks
No cylindrical lock provide anti panic function.

In hotel door lock field, the cylindrical RFID lock does not provide anti panic function.
Cylindrical RFID lock is a single latch lock.The solution of it is provide a electronized double locking function and the lever drive the latch always.cylindrical RFID door locks
So there is no anti panic existed on cylindrical RFID locks.
These locks provide also double lock function in electronic method, which called ‘electronized double locking’.
I will state it in another post.

These cylindrical RFID locks are more suitable for office situations, but not hotels.
Anti Panic is the standard needs of door lock in star hotels.
Because hotel should be responsible for ensuring the safety of the guests and their belongings. Cylindrical RFID locks can not meet these.

KAHN C5 is a anti panic door lock that especially design for high star hotels. It provide deluxe RFID card function,Doorbell systems, mechanical double locking and anti panic function.

KAHN C5 Hotel Lock Pro


KAHN G3 is a anti panic euro style RFID lock.

KAHN G3 RFID door lock


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