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There are many different names of hotel Key card in this world.
For example hotel room key, card key,prox card,magnetic card, magstripe card,RFID card, RF card, contactless card,contactless key, swipe card and even IC card, ID card.

All these names are given by different field people but they have the same funciton- the key of a electronic lock.

Various electronic door locks manufacturer, Access control solution companies and even card manufacturers provides hotel key cards to hotels.

Hotel Key card Type

Technically, there are only two type hotel key card- the magnetic type and RFID type.

Magnetic Key card

The magnetic type key card has a magstrip on the card, which saves locks(Room) ID.

magnetic hotel key card
All infomation will be saved in the magstripe just like the bank card.

In hotel door lock system, the magstripe saves room/lock ID and plus the key’s valid life.
It works only on magstripe card based electronic door locks.

magnetic key card and lock

Key card instructions

There is direction of inserting or swiping the magnetic key card.
So the operating instructions is very important for users learn how to use it correctly on the hotel door lock.
There are 3 types popular use way on lock as follows.

magnetic key card instructions


RFID Key card

Unlike they magnetic key card, you can not find a magstripe on the surface of RFID key card.
This is because RFID key card uses a small RFID chip and all data saved in such a invisable chip inside the card.

That’s why it looks pretty than magnetic key card because the all area of card surface could be put info as hotel needs.

RFID key card

In hotel door lock system, the RFID chip saves room/lock ID plus the key’s valid life.
RFID type key card works only on RFID card based electronic door locks.

RFID key card and lock

Key card instructions

There is no direction of tap the RFID key card to lock.
So the operating instructions is very simple in most RFID key cards.

RFID key card instructions

KAHN C5 uses the RFID key card, it provide more convenience for customer unlocking the room lock, operating in 2 steps as follows.

key card of KAHN C5 operating

Step 1-Tap the card to the area of KAHN C5 RFID area.
Step 2-Press the lever handle.


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