Hotel door lock system not innovated for more than 10 years


Hotel door lock system has not been innovated for more than 10 years!

Looking at the all hotel electronic door locks in your local market and internet, what you find?-They are almost the same!

Same functions Hotel door lock hardwares

The existing hotel electronic door locks all support the hotel room key card, without exception. Some are 13.56MHz card, some are 125KHz card and some are Magstripe card.

The key card will be used to unlocking the lockset, everybody knows that in the past 10 years.

Same functions in hotel door lock system

Room key programmer(encoders), key cards and software…
All hotel electronic door locks are equipped with all these items.

hotel door lock elements
100% hotel lock system elements are like this

Innovations without practical meaning

You may say some lock support mobile key (virtual key). That is a innovation.
Yes it seems new but in my opinion the mobile key has not much value in hotels.
Travelers who travel long distances must remember to download an app before landing, and they does not know when it could be used again next time.
Actually most customers will close their mobile traffic because of the high costs.
So they have to find a wifi, or buy a local mobile sim card, to link to internet and download the app.
If they couldn’t complete the above all works before reaching the hotel, they have to find a place stay and complete it.

Networked hotel electronic door locks are also almost no practical.
The network lock should keep always online linked, otherwise it lose the meaning of ‘network’.
However, the network is very complex to implement and difficult to maintain stability.

In my past 12 years experience, the networked hotel locks did not have a successful case in any hotels.Most hotels had turned off network functionality for a

variety of reasons, after trying network 1-2 months at the beginning.
After the fresh period, various problems came out, including the instability of the connection, the battery quickly consumed and so on.

Only look different

No real differences hotel door lock hardwares

So you can see that most of the manufacturers are just making a different shell.
In my opinion, a different shell has no more meaning because everything same as the 10 years ago’s hotel electronic door locks.

And the hotel use locks are different from the home use locks. Hotel does not require a strong decorative lock. What they needs is a simple and durable lock for the guest rooms.
That’s why the top hotel lock brands don’t have a lot of styling products.




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