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Hotel door locks appeared in this world more than 15 years ago.
In the past 15 years the world hospitality industry is growing at a high rate every year.
So many people involved in such as hotel sourcing, hotel owner, hotel hardware maintenance, hotel door locks installer, even hotel door lock manufacturers and hotel lock resellers!

There are too much to talking about Hotel Door Locks

The hotel door lock does not mean only a card lock hardware.
Normally it existed and working as a system as it including many elements such as Energy Saving Switch, Wall readers Access control, elevator buttons control,the PC and software etc.

And just because working as a system, the hotel door lock becomes a milestone.
It bring the hotel industry to new age.Hotel door lock improves the service level of the hospitality industry, makes the customer feel more convenient and makes the hotel management more efficient and safe.

How choose a hotel door lock become an issue

Hotel door lock market is now full of various brands.
Almost 300 different brands of hotel door lock now fighting on appearing on the door of hotels.
There are many people wondering likes how choose a good one?What is the weakness of a particular hotel lock? What kinds of system is perfect?

There is no professtional internet website introduce everything of hotel door lock

What you can find on internet now are full of B2B, trader’s AD pages of hotel door locks, manufacturers of hotel door locks homepages.
No body tell you more of it.
For such a complicated system, how does a freshman figure out everyting quickly?

I hope here will be the hotel door lock home and dictionary of who love this products.
You must be one of them.

Most contents in this site comes from my past 11 years working experience and collected from internet.These information may wrong inevitably or incomplete, welcome you point out and let me correct.I hope we can make progress together.
all about hotel door locks

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My name is Richard Alvin.Creator of Hotel Lock Pro concept. 16 years experience of electronic hotel door locks. Free illustrator and be good at graphics and images. Game console fans. purpose of this site is to share and exchange hotel lock products with people related to the hospitality industry,such as hotel sourcing, hotel owner, hotel hardware maintenance, hotel lock installer, even hotel lock manufacturer and hotel lock resellers. I hope you can find the information you need at this site.


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