Energy Saving Switch for hotel


What is Energy Saving Switch for hotel?

Energy Saving Switch for hotel is a wall switch device control the hotel room power using.
It working likes a Master switch of all appliances in a room.

People also call it by name ‘Energy Saver’ ,’Energy Saving Unit’ or ‘Energy Control Unit’.
Energy Saving Switch for hotel was invented even earlier than modern key card based hotel locks.
Its history is old but after nearly 20 years of market inspection, it is still played an important role in essential facility in hospitality industry. 

Purpose of energy saving switch for hotel

The purpose of energy saving switch is control the power using of hotel guest room.

In a none energy saving switch hotel,If the customer did not switch off the appliance before depart, the all room electric appliance will work continuously.
It result to heating, increase the burnout probability and even may cause fires.
In this case, applying the power switch can bring economic benefit to hotels directly.
Energy saving switch saving the power charge and extending the life expectancy of electric appliance.
In addition, it raises the safety factor of using power in hotel rooms and helps energy saving effectively.

History of Energy Saving Switch for hotel

The very early ES use key tag, which is a

The tag is an opject in special width and thickness and hang on the key ring.

Energy Saving Switch for hotel
Key Tag Energy saving switches

The key tag energy saving switch was popular in india market since the end of the 20th century.

The 21 century energy saving switch mostly use hotel room card.

Energy saving switches for hotels

Structure of Energy Saving Switch for hotel

3 parts made up of Energy saving switch as following drawing.

structure of ES-The Decoration panel

The panel of energy saving switch is almost all impressions a switch gives to customers due to other parts are put into the wall.
The Panel can be made to various shape such as square and rectangle.


-Indicator light and Sensor

Usually there are exposed type or hidden type indicate light.
Regardless what type of light, it will indicate the position of pocket in the dark while customer open the door of a no power room.
Customer could easily find energy saving switch position and insert the key tag or key card.
The sensor determines what is valid object inserted to get the room’s power.
The object which not identified by sensor will not be able to get power.

The sensor type as followings(manufacture costs from low to high)
1.Dark/light sensor-This kind of sensor is very simple and low cost. It don’t really check the card, actually it is only a light sensor. So it means if you use a paper insert it can get power due to the sensor block the light.
2. RF 125K sensor-This is also a low level sensor, it does not require MCU.  Because it only compare the RFID frequency 125KHz. Once it match the power will provide.
3.Mifare universal-Any 13.56MHz card can get power.
4.Correct room key-This is advanced model that when card insert the ES will read the room info from card to check if the card belong to the room. Only correct room key(card) an get power.
5.Correct room key in valid term-This ES is built in clock, will check the room key(vard) if in valid term. If it expired it won’t get power. This is the most advanced energy saving swtich.

How does Energy Saving Switch works?

The energy saving switch connect the main power wire of all electronics in guest room such as Air condition, light and lamp, mini bar,hair dryer and all wall power sockets.

When there is no body inside the room the power will be cut off automatically.
Correspondingly, the power can be get only when people inside room and insert a valid object e.g.the room key inserted to it.


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