How many types electronic hotel locks in the world?


How many types electronic hotel locks in the world?
This is a difficult question to answer. For the layman, there are too many kinds hotel door locks sold in the world. It is very hard to find how many types totally from all of them.

But also this is a simple question to answer.For industry experts, it’s easy to find some common features and patterns because of many years experience of hotel door locks.

As the expert website of hotel door locks, our answer is that there are only 2 types hotel door locks existed in the world.
They are the normal hotel door lock and professional hotel door lock.

Electronic hotel locks(conventional)

Normal Electronic Hotel Door Locks

The normal hotel door locks already existed in the world since the new millennium.
It provides very basic function for hotels- the key card function.
The key card could be Magstripe card, 125KHz RF card or 13.56MHz RFID card.

Although they may have different looks and styles, the function of normal hotel locks are no different.

Normal Hotel Door Locks in different styles and colors

None of the hotel locks can jump out of the above six rules

Electronic hotel locks(Professional)

Professional Hotel door lock is a new type different with the hotel door locks.

Hotel Lock Pro

Professional Hotel Door Lock

The flag of professional hotel door lock is KAHN C5-the world first professional hotel door lock.

Hotel door lock VS Hotel door lock Pro

After more than 10 years of development, the electronic hotel door lock function has been unable to meet the needs of modern hotels.That is because the hotel needs becomes more than ever before.

The Pro contains the enhanced functions of card system- It includes 7 type access function cards and 7 type configure function cards for hotel daily using and change setting the hardware locks.

Brand new battery tray provide the world fast speed of replacing a group of batteries.

Innovation function doorbell and e-hangers satisify the hotel guest room needs for example cleanning the room and privacy.
The every details of Pro is designed to satisify the modern hotel needs and make the everything fashion, easy and saving.




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