DND Switch and Electronic doorplate


DND switch and Electronic doorplate provide the same function- Hotel doorbell function.
The doorbell button connect with DND(do not disturb)button.
In case the DND launched the bell button will be disabled.
MUR indicator when it launched inside room.

In most models they have the same indoor panels.
The difference between them is that the electronic doorplate provide more functions.

Function comparison

Hotel doorbell System

DND switch

Hotel doorbell System

Electronic Doorplate


DND/MUR Switch
DND switch

hotel electronic doorplate
Electronic doorplate
DND(Do not disturb) indicatorYESYES
Doorbell functionYESYES
MUR(Makeup room Request) indicatorYESYES
Room numberNOYES
Please WaitNOSome model YES


As the above form you can understand the Hotel electronic doorplate is a modern and highly integrated electronic component product. And also it is an highly customized appliance than the switch.

DND Switch is More Pratical

In my opinion, the electronic doorplate may not be more practical than DND/MUR switch.

The reason as follows
1.Switch is the standardized product, a global product. It is cheap than custom product.
Most Electronic doorplate is customized product. As hotelier you have to choose the all details of it. such as size, shape, color and even the room number font!. Yes it looks like much more pretty than the switch but also much more expensive than switch.
2.Switch need less maintenance cost than electronic doorplate.
Switch is simple than doorplate,and usually it is easy to find defect problem and repair.
3. Functional stacking is not a good idea.
The room number on electronic doorplate is useless due to the traditional room number is enough for hotel.
And the hotel logo existed everywhere in hotel no body care it appear on the doorplate or not.It only makes people feel fancy and flashy.
Some model of electronic doorplate provide the ‘please wait’ indicator, which doesn’t have a real meaning.

I’m not surprised by the existence of hotel Electronic doorplate , because it seems to me that it was probably invented by the Chinese.
China has a lot of strange products, looks luxurious but lacks practical use.





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