Choose a good hotel door lock system suppliers


Hotel door lock system suppliers should offer more than just a door lock.
A complete and excellent hotel door lock system contains door lock hardware, electronic circuit components, software and peripheral accessories.
It is more than just a hotel room door lock.

There are many factors that determine whether a hotel door lock system is a good one.
For example the lock’s hardware should be durable and easy to use.The electronic circuits should read card sensitive and stable and software should be efficient and simple.
These are what a qualified supplier should offer to the hotels.
And a good hotel door lock system includes ancillary devices such as elevator controllers and common door controllers.

There are a lot of secrets in hotel door lock system suppliers that you don’t know.
Everything is not as simple as it seems.
To choose a hotel door lock system supplier you must first understand the unique industry background of these suppliers.

Explosion Growth

Electronic hotel door locks appeared in the end of 20 century. After more than a decade of development in the new millennium, the hotel door lock system has blossomed everywhere.
The number of Hotel door lock system suppliers has grown from less than 20 in 2008 to more than 200 in 2018.
It seems to be a lot of hotel door lock system suppliers who can provide such systems.


Various hotel door lock system suppliers

In the simplest case, you will find that many companies that offer hotel management software(PMS) will also package and sell hotel locks.

All of hotel door locks require to be controlled by a software.
These software companies can integrate the card issuance function of the hotel door lock into their own hotel management system better, so that they can be packaged for sale.
The advantage of choosing them is that you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the hotel management system and the door lock because it has been debugged and integrated well by the software companies.

However, software is a light asset industry that requires only a few computers and several experienced engineers to form a software company. So hardware is not their main business. If you buy the door locks sold by software companies, you must pay special attention to whether the service is professional during installation and commissioning. Many software companies have good software engineers, but they don’t necessarily do well in hardware debugging and services.

Traditional lock(hardware)factory –

A lot of mechanical door lock and hardware manufacturers have been transformed into the electronic locking systems. The most famous is KABA (now top 5 of electronic hotel door lock system) and Hafele.
KABA’s mechanical locks have a long history, and the hotel lock system was only started after the new millennium.
Hafele is another group which’s product cover many kinds of doors hardware.

Hafele DT lock

Baling is also a factory specializing in traditional mechanical door locks in China. In recent years, it has been involved in the field of electronic hotel locks.

Baling electronic door lock for hotels

These suppliers are good at hardware manufacturing.
In addition to the beautiful surface treatment, their locks can be very rugged and durable. But the system functions and electronic circuit components are not necessarily perfect and easy to use.
Because it takes years to collect customers’ feedback to optimize system functionality continuously. Manufacturers that have transitioned from traditional door locks may not be able to do well if their history is short.

Electronic Circuits Corporation –

In China, a big manufacturing country, there are many companies that only make electronic circuits can become one of the hotel locks suppliers because of the developed industrial chain.

In fact, they control the electronic components, which is the brain of the hotel door locks. Utilizing the mature supply chain  industrial clusters, they put their electronic components on the purchased hardware and make a complete system for sale.
These companies are strong in system functions, but the quality control in the hardware are uneven,some good and some bad, and the style is old.

In addition to the three main types above, there are many other kinds of suppliers.


Hotel supplies dealers –

Such companies usually sell daily necessities of hotels, from gadgets such as towels, electric kettles, hair dryers, to large objects such as televisions, and air conditioners. Electronic door locks and various types of locks are also included in their business scope.

This type of suppliers will find some manufacturers to do OEM orders. They will put their own product logo on the surface of the door lock case and in the software. They have no R&D and manufacturing capabilities. So you will feel that you have seen their styles somewhere. In fact, other manufacturers changed a brand.

They are the hotel supplies dealers.

System Integrators –

In the building automation and security system field there are many such companies do various services. The business scope covers CCTV, IT network, weak current engineering and so on.

System integrators get customers and living by providing system installation and maintenance.
This type of companies have a large number of engineering implementers.
They are generally the agency of products of the original factory brand, so if they have a better solution of the hotel door lock system, it  can be considered.
After all, these integrators are based on the local. If there is something wrong with the products, you can make a call and  find someone to come to solve it.

Online traders –

Open the world’s largest business-to-business (B2B), and 95% of them are traders.These traders do not have any production, research and development capacity. They just sell, and hit the market at the lowest price through online sales.

So you may even find that the same style is sold in multiple sellers’ online stores – in fact, they all come from the same manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful picture above. The door locks are almost useless except for its cheap price. If you only want cheap one and choose the seller above, you can only ask for more blessings. If something goes wrong with the product, you’ll need to make a long distance call or email, and you won’t get any local service.

Door lock maintenance services-

This type of service is very mature in North America and forms a complete industry.
Because the modern electronic hotel door locks first appeared in North America, its stock electronic hotel door locks are huge.
Correspondingly, the annual maintenance and repair volume is also large. So the company that specializes in hotel lock repair service or even upgrade service (from magnetic card lock to RFID card lock) was born.

These service providers specialize in repair and replacement services for well-known hotel lock brands, second-hand trading. Some companies came to the fore and started to make their own branded hotel door locks.
acculock is a company do maintenance business and now they just started their brand hotel lock business.

Security products manufacturers-

Some security product manufacturers will also produce  hotel electronic door locks, which is cross-border business for them, such as ZKSOFTWARE.

Security products and hotel electronic door locks are adjacent but actually differ greatly. The products made by such manufacturers are not necessarily professional, and there are not many styles. However, brand awareness will be relatively large.

Local OEM brands-

There are also some regional brands,

Amadeo in Eastern Europe,
VENTAZA in Indonesia
Hotek in Netherlands
Godrej in India
Great Lock in Thailand.

Most of these regional brands are actually operated through OEM processing, and they only do sale, installation and after-sale service. The advantages of these suppliers are that they are well localized and have a good understanding of local users’ needs in marketing. In the price, they also try to combine local economic conditions to set prices. They give people a particularly reliable feeling, but whether the actual products are good or not depends on luck. Because fame and brand image can be built on money.

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