Cheap Hotel Door Locks Are Horrible


There are many cheap things in this world, but nothing is more horrible than cheap hotel door locks.

Why there are cheap hotel door locks?

Cheap electronic hotel door locks are 100% comes from China., the world largest B2B internet market provide a good stage for widely small business china companies.
You can easily find a lots of hotel door locks at factory price USD20~30 per unit.
These cheap electronic hotel door locks are made out by Chinese to compete in the market by just a low price.

cheap hotel locks on


Most cheap hotel lock vendors are not real manufacturers.
They don’t really have ability to make anything of the hotel door lock.
They are trading company.

Trading can make they get more profits in a shorter time.


How can make a hotel door lock Cheap?

Simply saying, save everywhere.

  1. Save materials of lock mortise hardware
    There are many small issues on it but you are hardly aware of that except using for a long term.
  2. Save plastic parts
    Cheap hotel door locks plastic parts will choose cheap type ABS or PC, which is thin Thin materials plastic are easily damaged.
    broken battery housing
  3. Save product design
    Cheap hotel door locks have no design.Urgly look, poor feeling.For example this type battery box.It can not contain batteries tightly.When close door hardly the batteries will fall out.
  4. Save in lock lever handle
    Saving can happen to lever handle’s materials. The lever handle is a good place to save materials. A lots of hotel door locks lever handles are made of alloy. Alloy is a materials cheap than steel and brass.
    broken level handle hotel lock
  5. Save in reader
    There are a lot of electronic components on the circuit board.It is so important that likes the heart of human but cheap hotel door locks even do not prepare a cover for it.
    exposed reader
  6. Save packing.
    The saving could happen in lock unit package box and carton box.
    After a long distance shippment the lock may damaged and lost.
    thin carton box


Generally cheap hotel locks won’t do you any good except at a cheaper price.
They are the nightmare of hotels.
Stay away from the cheap hotel locks.



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