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Hotel Lock System

Hotel door lock system is a system that especially design for the hotels, resorts and Inn. It includes hardware and software.

What is Hotel door lock system?

It known also as 'Card lock system','Hotel lock system','Key card door lock system' and 'hotel key card system'. A hotel door lock system usually contains the following elements:
  • electronic hotel door lock-install on all guest room doors, to manage the access of the rooms.
  •  key card-customer hold the key and open the door by present it. Hotel staff also have their key to access to rooms when service
  • desktop encoder and programming key software. It already become a enssential part of modern hotel/resort.

Benefits for hotels

With the help of hotel door lock system, the hotel can manage the room keys efficiently.
  • Safe-the hotel use this system is much more safe than mechanical key locks.
  • Convenient-key card is convenient to register loss. It takes only several seconds to verify on the lock, much more faster than traditional key.

What can you get here?

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