hotel staff card print sample

Card printer is a desktop small machine which provides the ID card printing function.
Various patterns, words, photo image could be the conents print on card surface.

In a modern hotel, Key cards (Magnetic or RFID)are heavily used not only for the guest but also for the hotel staffs.

Hotel guest use card-Get access to the room or common doors/elevator buttons(Both provided in KAHN Hotel Access control system).
Hotel staff use card-Show as personal working ID card and also a key of access to particular rooms/area.

Especially in KAHN Hotel Access control system they can access to various doors/common doors by just holding one card programmed by KAHN Software.

What printed on hotel card?

For the guest use card, normally they will be printed all the same info such as hotels logo, name, address,telphone number and website, as customers can find the road go back hotel when they are outside.

Many staff will have their own cards and as to manage these staff cards well, you should mark some info on the card surface such as the staff name, position, Working ID number and contact way etc.

hotel staff card print sample

Which brand hotel card printers are available?

digital card printer for hotel

The main brand of digital card printers

-The USA Brand,professtional info tracking business ,its barcode printer is famous.
Card printer direct page here

-The UK Brand,ID card printers manufacturer. Its all products related Card printers.
Card printer direct page here

-The USA Brand, not only provide card printers but also the related system solutions, such as in Financial, Governments.
Card printer direct page here

HID Fargo(
-The USA Brand, HID’s major business range is Access control hardwares, its ID readers is very popular in the north America, Card printer is just one very small product of HID.
Card printer direct page here

-The France Brand, provide card and card printers, systems to various industries.
Card printer direct page here

-The Germany Brand,card printers and card Issuance system is matica’s business.
Card printer direct page here

For hotel use card printer, In view of hotel staff mobility is not particularly large,it does not require very high SPEC and powerful functions.
What you need is just a economic machine because you will not make it working very often.
Some models of magicard and datacard will be good choice.

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