A Self Check-In machine in Hotel Locking system


Hotel Locking system includes check-in procedure.
In this procedure the guest will register info, select the room type and staying time, then get a key card.
In the traditional way, check-in procedure should be done manually by a people in position ‘front desk clerk’.
The front desk clerk have to register guest information, choose room as guest request and then program a key for guest.

Conventional check-in

The Self Check-In machine is an revolution way in the hotel locking system’s check-in procedure.
The core of ‘check-in’ in hotel locking system is get a proper ‘Room key’.
This Check-in machine does not change anything except the front desk clerk manually operating.

check-in in hotel locking system or PMS

People can complete check-in(get the key card) in self-service style.

Guest need do following steps
1.Input information, such as email, name or phone number.
2.Choose the room type and related options
3.Get a key card and close it to a special area to complete card issurance.

With the help of self check-in machine, there is no ‘front desk clerk’ in Hotel Locking System anymore.Customer can complete the check-in procedure by themselves.
Everything completed on a Touch operating Monitor and the last step the card encoder built in back of the machine.

Self check-in machine solve the following problem.
1. Reduced dependence of hote staff, save the cost of labor.
2. More machines in one hotel could provide faster key programming service,improve the user experience.

Additionally, I think this is a better way to improve efficiency than the hotel lock’s mobile key.
The mobile key (or called air key, virtual key etc)  actually has the following flaws.
1. Not everyone’s hand phone support mobile key app, so the front desk staff is still essential.
2. The app usually require customer download and installed but in fact, many people choose app sparingly due to consider their almost full memory.
3. The IOS app have the problem of version of IOS. Many customer uses very old version IOS that could not install the new app.
4. The mobile key requires door lock hardware support but this Self Check-in machine does not have requirement of the hotel door lock’s hardware. The very old hotel can use it to speed up customer check-in.


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