KAHN C5-A Real Different Hotel Door Lock


HOTEL LOCK Pro from KAHN on Vimeo.

KAHN C5 is a Real different hotel door Lock.

At present, the hotel door locks are highly homogeneous products.

99% hotel door locks are very similar in physical composition, as well as quality, the function, and the only real difference between the various manufacturer’s products is price and appearance.

Same functions

Lock function
100% hotel door lock provide security function-the locking function.As the basic function of a door lock, all hotel door lock will provide the locking function, anti-panic function,double lock function.

If a door lock does not contain above functions it can not be used in hotel at all.

Key function
100% hotel door lock provide key card function-the keycard programming and access room function.

The system 100% includes hotel lock software, energy saving switch, card encoder etc.

hotel lock system Components


Only little differ Look

All the marketing sales hotel door locks are almost same.
same function hotel lock

The difference is just like a same person changed into a different dress.

KAHN C5 is Really different

KAHN C5 is the world first Professtional hotel door locks that provide the compact solution of hotel guest rooms.

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro C5

Break the Rule

KAHN C5 Break the rule of single card function to hotel door lock.It contains all functions that normal hotel locks does.And additionally it provide innovation functions that normal hotel locks does not have.

Classical Look

Actually hotel does not need many different look locks.What hotel want is just a good quality with a very classical look.
















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